We analyze your website for SEO performance and user experience.
Your website is often the very first impression of your church.
Make sure it is attractive!

Is Your Church Web Optimization Working for or against you?

Your website is easily the second most powerful marketing tool you have

(Your member is the first.)

Website content and design constantly evolves and with it comes the need to continue maintaining your website.

Have you looked at your website on a smart phone lately? If you are shaking your head in disappointment, you are not alone. More than 60% of church websites are not mobile responsive (mobile friendly). We can change that for you.

Why the need for a mobile-friendly website? In 2015, Google stated it was the first time ever that mobile searches have beat out desktop searches. This trend is continuing to rise. That is why Google released a new algorithm that says if your website is not mobile-friendly, you will be penalized by their search engine. That’s not a good thing.

Must-have’s for a solid church website:

  • A mobile-friendly, professionally designed website that is well organized.
  • Talk about what they can expect on their first visit. But, talk about how other people love your church from their perspective. Don’t pat yourself on the back.
  • Share all you do. Sometimes churches either throw up on people or they make them work to hard to find what is going on. There is middle ground.
  • Written and designed with SEO (search engine optimization), correct keywords, descriptions, links, and text all supporting each other, so that people searching for a church can find you!
  • This site is not for saved people! Your website should never be built for your own people, but for those who have yet to visit you. This isn’t a club. This is an invitation where everyone belongs. So, make sure that those who don’t know you don’t have to look too hard to see what you’re about.

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Keep in mind:

  1. Don’t have the home page banner be all about going on a mission trip to another country or talking about saving lost people. C’mon, you have to remember that this should be built for UNchurched people. Instead, talk about ways you serve the community and everyone is invited. Or talk about a new series on finances that will help people get out of debt.
  2. Please do not use soft colors on your website. We’re convinced if Jesus had a website, it would be filled with bold colors and words would not be confusing. His blog post would be about loving one another and  calling people out when he needed to.
  3. Please update your website to be mobile-friendly. People are using their phone to check you out. Don’t embarrass yourself.
  4. Call us and let’s talk. We can give you a whole lot more tips on how to improve your website. But if you want to stop talking and start doing, then let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!

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